During my professional career, I’ve experienced with working remotely and managing remote teams a few times and I was always torn if it’s the right work style for me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved working from my home, being flexible and with no need to commute in the crazy Tel Aviv traffic on a daily basis. However, I always felt that something is missing. I love working around people. I love the water cooler chats, the random get togethers. So does it mean that in order to have that I should go to the office?

In 2019, I got accepted to Stanford and took some time working remotely once again. This time, I decided I’d invite a close friend to work with me, and she invited her friend, whom I didn’t know.

In this casual environment, I got to know a person that is now a close friend and colleague, whom I’d never would have met without this opportunity.

Then it hit me.

Why not create a place for people to work together from other people’s spaces, in their neighborhoods?

I came to Stanford with this idea in mind.

One of my favorite quotes that stuck with me while at Stanford, is from Whitney Wolfe Herd, the founder of Bumble, who said “Don’t focus on building what you’re passionate about, focus on what you hate, what annoys you and find a solution to this problem.”

That is exactly what I did, in February 2020 together with my co-founder Omri Haviv, we started Gable. At first we surveyed hundreds of employees and started working on our MVP, but after just one month — COVID-19 happened. At the beginning there was a lot of uncertainty (there still is in some sense), it made us think about pivoting or even shutting down. However, the more we spoke with remote workers and employers, the more we realized COVID-19 only amplified the need for Gable.

2020 is the “tsunami” of remote work.

Remote work provides incredible benefits for both companies and employees -

Companies can hire global and diverse talent, save costs and expand quickly while employees gain work flexibility, no commute, better work life balance, being measured on their contribution instead of their hours, reduced stress and freedom to work from anywhere.

Remote work is nothing new, it has been around for many years and lots of people have experienced it, however, COVID-19 forced EVERYONE to experience it whether they like it or not. Realizing the benefits of remote work, companies that were forced to adopt remote work, have decided to keep it even post COVID-19, examples are companies like Twitter, Square, Pinterest, Slack, Shopify and others that announced they either shutdown their offices permanently or reduce their capacity.

That said, remote work has its downsides as well, those that have a good work environment at home, report loneliness and collaboration issues, and those who lack such environment try working from other places such as co-working spaces or coffee shops, but these aren’t great as well, the former is too big, expensive and distant and the latter lacks office facilities, power plugs and is time limited.

So what other options are there? (hint: it starts with a “G”)

Yes, that’s exactly what Gable is up to. We transform homes and other places into globally-distributed, boutique working spaces, that are close-by, affordable and have all the amenities you need to work in a safe and productive environment.

As host, you can easily turn your house into a working space and have people come over to work with you. As a guest, you can instantly book any space and work with your colleagues, friends or just another awesome group of people.

On a personal note, 2020 will forever change us. For me, it was the most impactful year of my life, I immigrated to a new country, gave birth to my daughter Emma during a pandemic, and founded a company I believe will change the world.

With that, we are excited to share that we are in private beta, and invite you to join our waitlist at www.gable.to and help us shape the future of remote work.

CEO and Co-Founder at Gable. Twitter: @liza_mash

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